Medal Wars: Keisers Revenge


Humor, action, blood, jokes... all in one!



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Medal Wars: Keisers Revenge is a third-person action game where you will control a peculiar soldier fighting in WWI. He is fighting in a demented, insatiable manner in an attempt to become the best soldier in the world.

The game perfectly combines elements of nonstop action fighting against dozens of enemies at a time with humor that will make you laugh out loud more than once.

Looking at the gameplay, you'll see a few elements that stand out: the ability to shoot at enemies' feet to make them jump up and down and temporarily convert them into an easy target, and different types of attack, thanks to which you can launch grenades, stab in hand-to-hand combat, or shoot from a distance.

Graphically, Medal Wars: Keisers Revenge uses a retro style that fits the game like a glove. The game mechanics themselves will remind you of the 90s, so it's only fitting that it use a matching visual aesthetic.

Medal Wars: Keisers Revenge is a fun third-person action game with some truly original aspects in its favor.

The demo only allows you to play the beginning of the game.

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